[Računalništvo FRUPO] WP Cerber Security: Weekly report

Računalništvo FRUPO

Weekly Report

662 Malicious activities mitigated
0 Spam comments denied
0 Spam form submissions denied
47 Malicious IP addresses detected
15 Lockouts occurred

Activity details

API request authorization failed 935
Login failed 324
Probing for vulnerable code 319
Attempt to access prohibited URL 256
Malicious request denied 75
IP blocked 15
Form submission denied 12
Attempt to log in with non-existing username 7
Attempt to upload malicious file denied 5
Request to REST API denied 4

Attempts to log in with non-existing usernames

fuco10 2
undrej.luzur@frupo.com 2
undrej.luzur 1
frupo 1
administrator 1

To change reporting settings visit https://www.frupo.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=cerber-security&tab=notifications

Your last sign-in was 25 februarja, 2022, 16:28 from (Unknown)

This message was sent by WP Cerber Security 8.9.6

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